October 22, 2021

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12 Best Kids’ Throw Pillows That Add A Splash O’Fun 2021

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Throw pillows are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a kid’s bedroom. Whether you’re looking to bring in a pop of color, pull together a theme, add some coziness, or give your child the opportunity to let their personality shine (or all of the above), decorative throw pillows are the perfect addition to a kid’s bedroom.  They can match your kid’s bed, a kid-friendly chair or kid sofa, or even their rug.

Contrary to their name, throw pillows aren’t meant for actual throwing, although your kids may feel differently about that, as kids do — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. There are literally thousands (millions?) of throw pillows to choose from on the world wide web, but who has the time to sort through that many pillows? Well, we did.

We rounded up our favorite throw pillows for kids of all ages — from heart-shaped pillows hearts to animals to cute sayings. Does your child’s bed need a sprinkle donut pillow? Probably not, but will it add a tiny bit of happiness and sweetness to your kid’s life? Absolutely. And sometimes a little sweetness is what we all need.

Decorative throw pillows can truly add the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom. Check out our list below.

Best Kids’ Throw Pillows

The only downfall of buying your kid a donut-shaped pillow is that it’ll make your whole family want donuts all day, every day. But let’s be real, that happens with or without the pillow. Choose from a strawberry donut with sprinkles, a chocolate donut with sprinkles, or a chocolate donut with white or pink swirls. Yum.

Dimensions: 14 in x 14 in

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Do you have a kid who freaking loves comic books? They obviously need a pow pillow — but not just any pow pillow, one that lights up to really emphasize the pow-ness. The cool factor of this pillow is unparalleled. We’ve never even seen a light-up pillow before this one. The pillow is made from 100 percent cotton and can reverse to solid red, you know, in case one day your kid decides they don’t like comic book things anymore.

Dimensions: 16 in x 16 in


This set of two pillows includes a white star and a pink fluffy pillow, and they both add the perfect amount of style and coziness to a bedroom. Reviewers say the pillows make for excellent cuddle partners at bedtime or during movie night.

Dimensions: Star pillow – 20 in x 20 in, Pink pillow – 17.5 in x 12 in

$31.95 AT AMAZON

We had no idea UGG made pillows, but it makes sense, considering the company is all about making the coziest products, ever. This pink fluffy heart is no exception — it’s so incredibly soft, your kids will never want to get out of bed. Like, more than they already don’t want to get out of bed. Although, if you have a toddler, that might be a good thing.

Dimensions: 15 in x 18 in


This pillow reminds kids to do what they do best— play all day. And after a long day of playing, they can come back to their bedroom and cuddle up with this fun pillow.

One reviewer wrote, “This pillow is so soft and squishy! It adds a little fun to the play room as an accent pillow and is very functional if my baby wants to rest her head on it. It holds it shape well and the material is durable.”

Dimensions: 16 in x 16 in


These pillows will look good anywhere, but they’ll do an especially great job of adding some finishing touches to your child’s new “big kid” room. Choose from five gorgeous colors, or buy more than one to add some layers.

Dimensions: 16 in x 16 in


Part pillow, part plush stuffie, this adorable lion takes coziness to a whole new level. It can be used as a decorative throw pillow, your child’s sleeping pillow, or a cuddly toy. It’s also perfect for nap time at home or school, and a great friend to bring along on a road trip. There are several animals to choose from, each just as cute as the next.

Dimensions: 18 in x 18 in


Check out this set of two mermaid pillow covers, perfect for an underwater-themed room. This set consists of just the covers, so the pillow inserts will need to be purchased separately. Or if you have pillows that need a facelift (a.k.a, a new cover), that works, too.

One reviewer wrote, “These pillow covers are the cutest!! They look great in my daughter’s mermaid-themed room. Also, they’re very soft and comfy!”

Dimensions: 18 in x 18 in

$15.99 AT AMAZON

You and your child will love this sweet sunshine pillow. It’s pretty hard to stay mad at anyone or anything when you have a sun smiling at you.

One reviewer wrote, “This is a truly well-made pillow that brings a smile to my face every time I see it.”

Dimensions: 16 in x 16 in, 18 in x 18 in, 20 in x 20 in, or 24 in x 24 in

$20.99 AT SOCIETY6

Whether you’re kid’s room is space-themed or you just want to add a touch of astronomy to the bedroom vibe, this pillow is scientific perfection. It features all the space things, including stars, planets, a rocket ship, and constellations. You can buy just the pillow cover or the cover along with a pillow insert.

Dimensions: 14 in x 14 in, 16 in x 16 in, 18 in x 18 in, 20 in x 20 in


This butterfly throw pillow isn’t your average butterfly. If it wasn’t so soft and squishy and big, it could almost look real. Butterfly season can be all year long with this pillow. There are 12 beautiful colors to choose from.

Dimensions: 13 in x 15 in

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Rainbows are so in right now, not that they were ever out. If your kiddo is really vibing with all things rainbow, this whimsical tufted rainbow throw pillow will be right up their alley. Each color of the rainbow features t different style of tufted embroidery for an added layer of texture and fun.

Dimensions: 18 in x 18 in


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