October 23, 2021

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Flynn Household Claims They Weren’t Reciting Qanon Oath: Lawsuit

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If you’ve ever been to a sleepover, you may perhaps have witnessed a loved ones performing an eerie ritual, like keeping hands right before consuming or enjoying charades after meal. Michael Flynn’s loved ones issue is firing up the grill, standing in a line, and reciting a famed QAnon oath—which was just a loving familial gesture that has totally almost nothing to do with QAnon.

In a new filing in a $75 million libel match against CNN, Michael Flynn’s brother Jack and sister-in-regulation Leslie assert that that on Independence Day 2020, they simply held up their arms and repeated a “July 4 statement” including the QAnon slogan “where we go a person, we go all” as a “statement of aid for every other.”

“The Flynn’s [sic] repetition of the phrase ‘where we go 1 we go all’ at the July 4, 2020 barbecue did not signify any type of aid for QAnon,” the filing reads. “It was not an oath of allegiance to QAnon, or any variety of oath at all. It was a basic, family members, July 4 assertion of support for each individual other.” The original criticism, submitted on March 25th, states that the phrase was inscribed on a bell on 1 of John F. Kennedy’s sailboats. It in simple fact will come from the 1996 movie “White Squall” starring Jeff Bridges.

“Plaintiffs may want us to consider that they stated the QAnon Slogan since they have been feeling poetic or having a terrific fondness for 1990s sailing movies, but the truth is that they stated it and then publicized their owning finished so on Jack Flynn’s Twitter feed,” CNN later remarked in a motion to dismiss. (Here’s Jack’s archived tweet, marked “WWG1WGA,” in the customary QAnon styling of the rebel cry.)

Illustration for article titled Michael Flynn's Family Claims They Weren't Reciting a Qanon Oath, Just Doing Some Family Bonding

Screenshot: Michael Flynn on Twitter, archived (Other)

The Flynns’ submitting goes on to say that connecting the Flynns with QAnon “is no unique than accusing them of currently being Nazi sympathizers.” Fascinating.

Several families swear oaths to each individual other on the July 4th holiday (probably), but the oath in its entirety bears a placing coincidental resemblance to Q’s oath, which they had urged followers to repeat months earlier. The June 24th fall, captioned “take the oath,” is the conventional congressional oath of office environment with “where we go a single, we go all” tacked on. It reads, in complete:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will assistance and defend the Structure of the United States towards all enemies, foreign and domestic that I will bear real faith and allegiance to the similar that I just take this obligation freely, devoid of any mental reservation or intent of evasion and that I will well and faithfully discharge the responsibilities of the business office on which I am about to enter: So aid me God. WWG1WGA [Where we go one, we go all].

The Flynn spouse and children oath, which Michael Flynn seems to read off of an Iphone or very small booklet, goes:

I [name] do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States versus all enemies, international and domestic that I will bear accurate religion and allegiance to the identical that I get this obligation freely, without having any mental reservation or goal of evasion and that I will nicely and faithfully discharge the duties of the workplace of which I am about to enter: so help me God. Where we go one, we go all. God bless The us.

Michael Flynn posted the movie to Twitter, which suspended his account in the midst of a QAnon purge.

The archived tweet displays that Flynn tagged the write-up #TaketheOath, which the filing claims that CNN “falsely claimed” was a “QAnon hashtag.” (QAnon followers, which includes Oregon Senate candidate Jo Rae Perkins, used the hashtag with the oath, which BBC reporter Shayan Sardarizadeh claimed trended for days, some tagging Michael Flynn, who also added it to his Twitter bio 3 times following Q posted “Take the oath.”) In March 2021, he sent what seems like a rousing speech at a non-QAnon convention loaded with QAnon leaders and believers, who’ve worshipped him as a chief of a Deep Point out insurrection.

That’s the info. You can make the judgment quietly in your thoughts or else encounter the Flynn lawful team.

The issue, the new submitting states, was that CNN conveniently clipped the “God bless America” part in a section titled on YouTube “QAnon followers react to Trump refusing to condemn them.” For what it is worthy of, CNN also clipped the preceding verbatim oath of business on which Q also coincidentally modeled their oath.

“In the clip, CNN intentionally edited out the oath to the United States Constitution and omitted the phrases ‘God Bless America’, fraudulently building it seem and insinuating that the Flynns pledged an oath of allegiance to QAnon,” the submitting reads.

Gizmodo has requested the Flynns’ legal professional whether this is a household custom or just a phrase that influenced them last yr and will update the write-up if we listen to back.