January 31, 2023

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Jesus Christ Visited India and Died in Kashmir

I have appear throughout a lot of content on this matter. Jesus Christ frequented India and truly he died in India.

I was just asking yourself with this new revelation. I commenced accumulating all the factors.
Right here are some of the details, I have gathered.

Initially there is a e-book titled ‘ Bare They Pray’ by Pearce Gervis. In that guide he has presented:

“I know that there was a perception, now amid several peoples, that Jesus Christ, among the age of twelve and 20-nine was in India, his decades there becoming recorded in Hindu and Buddhist Shastras as perfectly as in particular Yoga manuscripts that he went to Puri, to South India, and Banares to review the Vedas and Laws of Manu, to the Himalayas where by it is mentioned that he examined in the solitary destinations the distinct paths of liberation, the artwork of contemplation and meditated there right until uncovered the best realization of this oneness with GOD.”

Madam Annie Besant also has unveiled this truth in one particular of her textbooks.

Nicolai Notovich a Russian investigation scholar has also began his research on this.

He frequented India many situations for his analysis do the job about India. When he was in India in 1887 he stayed as a visitor in a Buddhist monastery at Zoji la go.

A lama explained about Jesus Christ teachings and explained how all these sayings are in concurrence with Hindu Scriptures. Niclolai Notovich was astonished on acquiring these details.

The Persian Scholar, F.Mohammed in his e book Jami-ut-tuwarik suggests that Jesus travelled with Mary to Nisibiss which is now known as as Nusaybin, in Turkey.

The identical issue is currently being stressed by Imam Abu Jaffar Mohammed in his book ‘Tafsi-Ibn_i-Jamir-at-tubri’.

Holger Kersten, a German writer has also agreed with both of those of these scholars in his book. Kersten also claims that Jesus stayed at Kashmir and died there.

A lot of fascinated students begun browsing Kashmir to discover out the Tomb of Jesus. And they located the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

A author by title John Noel corroborates the discovery of the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir. He has published an article entitled, ‘The Heavenly Substantial Snow Peak of Kashmir’ in which he says as follows:

” Immensely solid are these picturesque, broad-shouldered Kashmiri peasants, and but docile and meek in temperament. Just one issue about them strikes you with monumental drive. They seem much more completely Jewish than the purest Jews you have ever viewed.”

He also continues, ” Of modern many years specific explorers have also come upon traces of this tale of the sojourn of Jesus in these locations. In 1 edition of the tale he is reported to have come to confer and agree with Buddhist monks on the doctrine of reincarnation through the years of his young manhood, the period of which there is no Biblical document in regard to his whereabouts.”

The tomb of Jesus has been uncovered in the end in Srinagar with the inscription ‘Yus Asaf’. Yus Asaf could be none other than Jesus states the scientific studies.

It is fairly fascinating to be aware the higher than results from renowned students.

But one thing is specified. This, in no way has an effect on the teachings of the terrific Jesus nor defame him in any regard.