January 31, 2023

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The Team Strength Impact: How Qigong Meditation Can Enable Heal and Unite Humanity Across All Cultures

Qigong is generally practiced in little groups, but in the 1980’s the Chinese persons utilised to fill whole stadiums. 1 of my instructors gave me videotape filmed from 1 of these activities wherever in excess of 30,000 men and women had been working towards! Soon after looking at this online video and learning that the Chinese government had considering that banned all large-scale Qigong situations I requested myself, “Why not in The usa?” Of course it would have to be distinctive in The us, I imagined to myself.

The Chinese stadium activities provided strictly Inside Qigong Meditation. Absolutely everyone was meditating and no one was shifting all over. I understood that for Qigong in huge groups to choose off in America that we would have to make it remarkable and impressive. Becoming that the Inside models of Qigong frequently take a long time to see outcomes from (or really feel qi from) we available a nutritious mix of Qigong transferring sorts, Meditation and Pranayama respiratory tactics like Nine-Breath Strategy, which give a complete-body vibration in 45 seconds.

In 2008 our dreams came nearer to remaining realized in America when we hosted two thousand men and women collected for 4 straight days of Qigong. When it was all more than everyone’s favored exercise was the Nine-Breath Therapeutic CIRCLE. It was the peak encounter of Qi- Energy that anyone, such as myself, experienced ever had. It did not make a difference what lineage you examined with. Even the newcomers and skeptics have been vibrating from head to toe. It was the power of Group Energy.

A 9-Breath Approach Healing Circle is achievable just after individuals have used a couple of several hours mastering the method alone. As soon as it is learned, the Qi moves through your arms like electricity & All people feels it. Our American spin is that individuals in the West have a appreciate for PRAYER, which I see as a variety of Qigong. As a huge group, completely vibrating with Qi, we mail therapeutic prayers to our kin, cherished kinds and international locations close to the planet in will need. Even fellas who are “rough as nails” turn into comfortable.

Everyone has the notion that gatherings like these can not only mend us bodily, but also unite men and women on ranges unimaginable. Many folks wrote us to inform of miraculous healings for persons they prayed for even though the electrical power was going via them. Once again, I think this is the outcome of a potent system merged with the result of the Group Energy. This is likely to be the key for Qigong’s expansion globally.

Oprah Winfrey superstar, Dr. Mehmet Oz, said, “If you want to stay to 100… do Qigong.” Nevertheless, even with all the press Qigong has been getting these days it still surprises me how several individuals basically recognize how it works. Qigong makes use of respiration approaches and unique actions for strengthening electricity. In accordance to Chinese Medicine, this “Qi” is the major power behind blood circulation. It is practiced as a tool for the enhancement of health and fitness and as a non secular route for development and enlightenment.

Attendance at the 2009 and 2010 QI REVOLUTION gatherings has exploded, even for the duration of the economic downturn. We are observing twice the numbers as the calendar year right before. Our healthcare procedure is failing to preserve us healthy as a society. The prospect of Food items-based mostly therapeutic as a great alternate to pricey medical procedures and medications it is no shock additional people want it. Even persons with Most cancers have occur to these are living seminars and properly boosted their possess body’s immune program with this information and won the fight in opposition to most cancers.

If you want to learn Qigong for true, the Team Electrical power is the solitary finest catalyst. Nothing is far more profound then when 500 individuals all Inhale at the exact next and absolutely everyone is aware that every person else is vibrating with non secular energy. It is the greatest, past vibration, high-electrical power experience.