October 24, 2021

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When Euphemisms (but In no way Sharks) Attack

Shark scientists have been exhorting the general public to connect with human-shark interactions one thing other than shark attacks, preferring fewer pejorative conditions like “shark encounters.” The experts emphasize that people are likely to be to blame for shark accidents — stepping accidentally on tiny sharks, which snap again swimming in murky drinking water, venturing way too close.

“A ‘shark attack’ is a story of intent,” Christopher Pepin-Neff of the University of Sydney, instructed the Instances reporter Alan Yuhas. “But sharks never know what people today are. They really do not know when you are in the boat. They really do not know what a propeller is. It is not an assault.”

But the terms becoming made available as replacements, though more exact and less inflammatory, have a ring of gentility to them, evoking the leading hats and evening gloves of generations past.

To wit, a shark incident:

Meanwhile, researchers somewhere else this week released one of the most thorough sights but of shark guts, using a CT scanner to reveal “the intricate interior geographies of extra than 20 species of sharks,” Veronique Greenwood writes. The final results, in gorgeous 3-D video clip, show that the spiraling intestine of some sharks behaves like a Tesla valve, drawing fluid forward devoid of going sections.

The study also seems to verify the lengthy-held notion that these types of intricacy helps to gradual down digestion and extract the most energy from its prey. Chew on that whilst you do your component to stay clear of shark, uh, euphemisms.

  • Difficult to pass up: Previously this week a exceptional, 100-pound opah, or moonfish, washed ashore in Oregon.

  • This 7 days on “The Argument,” Michio Kaku, a physicist at the Metropolis School of New York, and Douglas Vakoch, an astrobiologist and the president of the investigate and instructional nonprofit METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International, talked over the knowledge of attempting to call other intelligent everyday living in the universe.

  • These African wild doggy mothers and fathers aren’t bringing property bacon, exactly, but this unusual footage of them feeding their pups absolutely sure is lovable.

  • And there are couple of superior times to examine Norman Maclean, both of those “A River Operates By It,” his majestic fly-fishing memoir, and “Young Guys and Fireplace,” his reconstruction of the 1949 Mann Gulch tragedy in Montana that took the life of a dozen U.S. Forest Provider firefighters. “The tale, which I have examine at least 4 moments now, is agonizing to browse, building the hairs on my arms stand on conclusion,” Anna Holmes wrote in The Times in 2015. “It is also a single of the most pleasurable encounters I’ve experienced.”

“On Tuesday, the Montana Office of Fish, Wildlife and Parks imposed “hoot owl” limitations on the Missouri River, one particular of the most preferred trout fishing websites in the point out, between Helena and Fantastic Falls due to the fact of warm h2o temperatures. The rule bans fishing right after 2 p.m. (The expression “hoot owl restrictions” stems from the early times of the timber business. Loggers function early in the mornings of late summer time, when it is cooler, simply because the forests are dry and that boosts the chance of chain saws or other tools sparking a fire. Loggers normally heard owls all through their early morning shifts.)”