October 24, 2021

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Wildlife Wednesday: Terrific horned owl

When a excellent horned owl in Midland not long ago received injured, its odds of survival dwindled with each individual passing day. As luck would have it, Wildlife Restoration Company stepped in to help the wounded raptor and return it residence, secure and healthier.

Barb Rogers, of Wildlife Recovery Agency, explained the actual lead to of the owl’s injuries was unidentified, but collisions with oncoming automobiles is a popular incident with owls. The terrific horned owl was discovered in the backyard of a residence on Eastman Avenue with pretty minor flight muscle left.

“When an owl is bruised from an face with a motor vehicle, it frequently can’t fly and hunt. If the owl is grounded for quite a few times, it will get started to shed weight and muscle. The owl will absorb the muscle tissue in purchase to preserve alone alive, and the owl will no for a longer period be capable to fly,” Rogers explained.

Just obtaining the owl wholesome sufficient to fly took numerous weeks, and numerous supplemental weeks have been put in to affliction it for flying. Barb and her partner, Joe, wanted to make guaranteed that the owl would be powerful more than enough to hunt and capture food items on its very own. To support it along, they placed the owl in a 100-foot flight cage that is designed to encourage rehabilitating birds to use their flight muscle tissue each individual night.

Finally, immediately after months of care and keeping an eagle’s eye on the owl, it was time for it to be unveiled close to Dow Gardens and the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. The Rogers resolved the honor would go to their latest intern, Teresa Knapp. Knapp is majoring in biology at Central Michigan University and will be closely doing work with Wildlife Recovery Association this autumn.

Excellent horned owls can be observed in most of the Western Hemisphere, according to Barb and Joe, and tend to nest in rural locations, generally occupying the existing nest of a hawk or eagle. Courtship begins in November and their tender hoots can be read from a mile absent. Nesting continues by way of the winter season months, with one particular owl sitting down on the eggs while the other hunts. A fantastic horned owl’s mottled feathers delivers excellent camouflage, but they can be startled by loud noises and activity, causing them to abandon the nest.